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Murray Family Athletic Complex Rules

Turf & Field Use Rules


  1. There will be no food of any kind on the turf field.     
  2. Water is the only beverage allowed on the turf field. All other colored beverages including Gatorade and other sports drinks are prohibited.
  3. Gum chewing is not allowed by anyone using the turf.
  4. The use of any tobacco products is prohibited throughout the complex.
  5. Pets are not permitted on the field
  6. Metal spikes or high-heeled shoes are not permitted on the turf.
  7. Access to the turf is limited to players, coaches, and assigned volunteers. For the safety reasons, spectators are not allowed on game fields.
  8. If a user finds a problem, defect or unclean conditions on the turf, they must notify the Athletic Director or Facilities Director
  9. Appropriate litter receptacles are placed at all fields and must be used at all times.
  10. The field cannot be used in weather conditions involving the threat of lightning. The presence of even distant thunder warrants leaving the field and field should be clear for 30 minutes after a storm. 
  11. The area is to be left the way it was found. This means, removal or replacing of equipment that your group brought or moved onto the turf. Each team is responsible for removing anything that was carried onto the field such as water bottles.
  12. Any game day questions should be directed to the Athletic Director or Facilities Director

by posted 03/30/2022
New Equipment Requirement

by posted 02/02/2022
Welcome to DR Youth Lacrosse


Welcome to DR Youth Lacrosse.  We offer boys and girls youth lacrosse from K-8th grade.  Boys play in the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL) and Girls are in the Founders League.  For more information please join our email list.  Spring Registration opens in November.  We also have winter clinics indoors at Forekicks in Taunton starting in January and running through March.

by posted 07/29/2019
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