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For Boys Spring Registration

Please use a PC or other desktop computer.  MBYLL has told us there are issues with registration with a mobile device.  If issues continue, please contact MBYLL support at 

All Boys will be registering as a player with the Massachusetts Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL) along with DR Youth Lacrosse.  The MBYLL registration provides the players with insurance coverage while playing in all lacrosse activities for a year.  Our registration will bring you to their site, to get that done there will be a separate registration with a separate fee associated.  You will be given a registration number that will automatically be placed into the DR Youth Lacrosse registration.

  1. Log in with DR Youth Lacrosse or set up your account and select the player you are registering, fill in all info. 
  2. You will not have a MBYLL Confirmation Number, don't worry, hit submit anyway.  A red drop down box at the top of the page will appear with a link to the MBYLL registration. 
  3. Follow the link and go through the registration process.  Be sure to select Dighton-Rehoboth from the drop down box that asks what town you play in. 
  4. Once that is complete you will be sent back to our site where you can complete your registration process.  Your MBYLL number will be automatically filled in.  If for some reason it is not, you will receive an email from MBYLL containing that number.

Cost is $40 for MBYLL registration and $160 for DR Youth Lacrosse registration.

Payment is Due a the time of Registration for all programs.  Unpaid Registrations are automatically deleted by the system.