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At the Youth Level boys require a helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, MOUTH GUARD, and protective cup.  Cleats and rib guards are optional.  Goalies require a helmet with attached throat guard, chest protector, mouth guard, and protective cup.  Arm pads for goalies are required at the U9, U11, and U13 level and are encouraged at the U15 level.  Girls require a stick and goggles.  Goalies for the girls game require the same equipment as a boys goalie.  For both girls and boys; soccer, football, and lacrosse cleats will work great on any of the fields we use.  The only restriction is that cleats cannot be metal.



The most important piece of equipment any player has is a stick.  Lacrosse allows for many options for stick as there are players as each stick is customized to the player.  Sticks come in three lengths (Offense, Defense, and Goalie) and are available depending on the age of the player.  From MBYLL:

  • U15 only:   Up to four (4) long poles, each measuring up to 72" (including stick head & shaft), are permitted on the field at any one time.
  • U13 only:  Four long sticks, each measuring up to 60" (including stick head & shaft), are permitted on the field at any one time during MBYLL games. (MBYLL rule)
  • U11 only:  Long sticks are NOT permitted at U11 or U9. (MBYLL rule)

The most important part of the stick is a good pocket.  Most beginner sticks that come pre-strung have terrible pockets which will make throwing and catching very difficult.  As such, we highly recommend restringing these sticks or buying a stick with a well defined pocket.  Below is a link to a site with a lot of information on stringing sticks and has sticks available that come with a well defined pocket from the factory.  




Helmet and Gloves:

Typically the helmet and gloves are the most expensive pieces of equipment the kids will need. If we are able to time it right with the High School, we can place orders for helmets with them.  That said, any NOCSAE certified helmet is ok to wear (ie, no hockey helmets).  We don't require helmets to be a certain color or brand, but they need to be made for lacrosse.  The same is true for gloves (no hockey gloves).  New helmets are cetified for four years and then need to be reconditioned or replaced.

If anyone has any questions regarding what the players will need please feel free to email us,  .


Arm and Shoulder Pads:

Arm pads and shoulder pads come in a number of shaps and sizes.  Players should wear something that is comfortable for them.  We highly recommend going to a store like  Monkey sports in Norwood to try on and see the various options.  Please make sure the shoulder pads you purchase are NOCSAE certified for AED protection.  This gear can frequently be found online cheaper or used.


Online resource:

(Just some of the sites we have used in the past for buying gear)

Used equipment is fine to use for anything except helmets (which should be purchased new).  There is a site online that is similar to ebay, but just for sports equipment where you can find all kinds of stuff.  https://sidelineswap.com/

Online retailers with a local store:  Monkey Sports, Lacrosse Unlimited

Online only: Sportstop, Lacrosse.com